King George Strategic Tourism Plan

May 23, 2022 | Uncategorized

King George has a new 5 year strategic plan for tourism. King George has an established tourism industry and needs to build on its tourism assets and successes creating a tourism niche that separates itself from our regional neighbors. King George County is a community at the convergence of history, technology and nature. We have a reputation for being welcoming, inclusive, authentic and unique.

There are 10 objectives in the new plan:

Outdoor recreational product development.
Sports Tourism Recruitment
Regional Collaboration
Historical Education and Story Telling
Virginia Tourism Corporation Marketing and Tourism Development Programs
Business Tourism
Marketing Content and Materials
Tourism Events
Marketing Spending and Metrics
River Access

What does all that mean? It means developing driving tours that focus on the unique historical sites and outdoor sites available in the county, such as the Native American Trail, the Civil War Trail, hiking and biking on our Dahlgren Heritage trail. Our parks have unique features such as the ball fields at Barnesfield and Sealston and the soccer fields available. Cedell Brooks Jr. Park has a 375′ ball field and is home to a native plant demonstration garden, picnic area and playground. So recruiting team sports would be a desired outcome.
It means developing both traditional and digital marketing materials that focus on our local festivals, historical assets and developing educational material and itineraries. This includes researching State and Federal funding opportunities to improve amenities for existing locations. It means working with other county departments to create a standardized Special Event Permit for things like festivals, filming, and sporting events.

Finally, promoting and collaborating with our existing tourism businesses such as the vineyards, bed & breakfasts, marinas, farmer’s market and restaurants and attracting new businesses will improve the overall quality of life for our existing residents and draw new visitors. Read the plan.