Visit King George County 

A Rich Heritage of Land and People!

Explore the natural beauty of this historic county. Enjoy a variety of water sports including kayaking, canoeing, jet and water skiing, paddle boarding, boating, fishing, crabbing or just sunbathing on the historic Rappahannock and Potomac rivers. Watch Eagles soar at Caledon, hike, jog or cycle on the 15 mile Heritage Railroad.

There are so many different activites for you to explore in King George County!

Doors to the Past!

The James Madison Belle Grove Foundation introduces the first historic tour of homes and buildings focused on the history of the county. Proceeds from this tour will go to support Love Thy Neighbor Food Bank and the King George Animal Shelter. If you have not had an...

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Starting a Farm Brewery

Craft beer is very popular, and the number of farm breweries are increasing across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Starting a farm brewery could become an alternative source of income for our local farmers. Breweries can be a major tourist attraction by drawing visitors...

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Come visit the Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail!

And don’t be surprised to find otters, beavers and eagles along the creeks beside the trail during your walk into the wilderness!


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