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Squirrels are generally considered cute or pesky. I know those who will say they are rodents with fluffy tails. They also are crazy and fun to watch. I believe we should appreciate all the squirrels in our lives be they animal or human. Do your dogs or cats chase the squirrels in your yard? My cats would be on the wall, the dogs on the ground and somehow the squirrel always managed to escape. This was a game they played often.

Squirrel Appreciation Day is evidently a real thing. So, let’s talk squirrels! There are 5 species of squirrels in Virginia with several sub-species, the most common is the gray, but there are also, reds, 2 species of flying , and the fox. Depending on where you live in Virginia will determine which species you are likely to see. Here in King George, you will be more likely to see gray squirrels, but on the eastern shore fox squirrels are seen because of Virginia Wildlife intervention. Take a walk at Caledon, or the Land’s End Wildlife Refuge. See if you can spot a red squirrel.

If squirrels are a problem for your birdfeeder consider putting up an alternate feeding station for them, could be as simple as wiring an ear of corn to a post or tree away from the bird feeder. But be prepared, they will remember where they found that corn. Oh and don’t hang it from a bungee cord, entertaining for you but not the squirrel.

There is a book call Perri, The Youth of a Squirrel, that Disney turned into a movie. Then we get to the movie UP, where Dug the dog has issues with squirrels and I swear this has translated to anyone whos attention is suddenly diverted, being “squirrel”. Have you heard that term used lately?
So enjoy the squirrels and all their crazy antics.
Squirrels in VA