Four Seasons Flowers

Feb 11, 2022 | Shopping, Tourism

Do you need flowers for your Valentine, maybe a proposal, an anniversary or gentlemen, perhaps you need to get out of the doghouse? Think flowers first! The Four Seasons Flower Shop has been in Dahlgren for a very long time. The current owner Don Fisher has had the shop for four years. Dawn, Four Season’s manager has worked here since she was a teenager when the shop was owned by her aunt Mrs. Mason. The shop has a variety of flowers, antiques, silk pieces, bows at Christmas, and for Valentine’s Day, they also carry chocolates from Mary’s Cakery. Valentine’s day is all about roses, according to Dawn. The roses in the shop are gorgeous. Place your order soon!
Covid could not shut them down, but it has made things challenging. Supply issues have affected the business because flowers come from California, central and south America, and Europe. Flower paint is not available, but they have great suppliers and keep stepping up to the challenge.
They both agree they have great long-time repeat customers. They enjoy working with people, and they love being creative, but it is not always possible to do it on a same-day basis if the order is large or complicated. Flower arrangements are artwork, and they want to warn customers that when ordering flowers online, beware, make sure the florist is an actual brick and mortar business. There are scammers out there who want your money and never see flowers.
Need flowers? Go to Four Seasons!