Bi-weekly Spotlight March 5, 2021

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Finish Line Environmental
Who says women shouldn’t play in the dirt.

Finish Line is an environmental construction company, meaning they work on stream restoration, bio-filters, and wetland creation. They work with private and public partners for projects. Kristen Pruitt has owned Finish Line Environmental since 1993. She started out as an accountant who had a large number of clients in real estate and construction. She found construction fascinating so, when the opportunity came along she jumped in and started learning the construction business. When the opportunity to purchase Finish Line came along, she was ready!

Women owned construction companies are about 7%. It is a tough business because you are not just working with other people, you have to work with mother nature too. She has a small company, she is conservative, working in a risky business. “You need to work hard, know what you’re doing and find good mentors and teachers”, Ms. Pruitt likes to make a difference. It also helps to “get paid to play in the water.” She says that you need to love what you do and be smart about doing it. Make sure you have the right people in your corner, like your accountant, banker, and HR person.

Her business is located in King George Industrial Park because she needed a location zoned for heavy industry. The advantage of being in the Industrial Park is its location and access to multiple markets making travel to the majority of her jobs easier.
Her advice to anyone wanting to start their own business,
“Be Passionate, love it!”